mnajdra temple summer and winter solstice and equinox

Mnajdra Temple

Mnajdra temple Is situated ten minutes walk down the hill from Hagar Qim temple. Mnajdra temple is in an isolated position surrounded with garigue land facing the small uninhabited island ‘Filfla’. Built during the temple period (4000b.c. – 2500b.c.) it consists of three buildings facing a common forecourt. The three buildings were erected in different […]

summer solstice at mnajdra temple

Summer solstice at Mnajdra temple

Summer solstice at Mnajdra temple If you happen to be in Malta at midsummer, do not miss to experience the Summer solstice at Mnajdra temple. This is an unforgettable and breath-taking experience and one wonders how in the temple period (4000b.c. – 2500b.c.) they managed to build such structures but also to make so precise […]

hagar qim temple unesco world heritage site

Hagar Qim Temple

Hagar Qim Temple is one of the megalithic temples which were built on the Maltese islands during the Temple Period 4000b.c. – 2500b.c. Hagar Qim temple stands on a hilltop overlooking the small uninhabited island called ‘Filfla’. 500 meters down the hill, another impressive temple, Mnajdra was built. Way back in the 18th and 19th […]

mdina cathedral

Mdina old capital city of Malta

Mdina the old capital city of Malta, is a fortified hill-top urban settlement located at the very heart of the Maltese islands. In existence since the bronze age period 2500b.c.– 800b.c., Mdina has acted for almost 2000 years as the administrative and political capital of the Maltese islands. The history of Mdina is archaeologically documented […]

blue grotto

Blue grotto

Blue grotto Is situated on the southern side of Malta, on the outskirts of the village of Zurrieq. It’s only 20 minutes drive from Valletta, the capital city, 5 minutes away from Hagar Qim Temples and 15 minutes drive from Mdina, the old capital city. The Blue grotto it’s one of seven caves that are […]

marsaxlokk fishing village


Marsaxlokk Is one of the most popular fishing village in Malta. Marsaxlokk is located in the south-east of the island, about 20 minutes drive from Valletta, the capital city of Malta and close to major historical sites like Traxien temples, the Hypogeum, Ghar Dalam cave and Vittoriosa one of the Three cities. The name Marsaxlokk […]

chapel of the langue of germany

Chapel of the langue of Germany

Chapel of the langue of Germany Is dedicated to the Epiphany of Christ and it’s the only chapel inside St John’s Co-Cathedral that it’s bare of any Grand Master’s mausoleum. Grand Master Von Hompesch was the only one elected to rule the Order of St John from the langue of Germany in 1797, one year prior […]

chapel of our lady of philermos

Chapel of our Lady of Philermos

Chapel of our Lady of Philermos The chapel used to house the image of Our Lady of Philermos, a much venerated Byzintine icon already recorded in the 14th century on the island of Rhodes which the Order of St John brought with them in 1530. The miraculous icon was greatly devoted especially before various battles […]

chapel of the langue of provence

Chapel of the langue of Provence

Chapel of the langue of Provence Is dediacted to St.Michael and the altarpeice depicts ‘St Michael the Archangel’. The altar facade of the chapel of the langue of France with its four twisted coloumns dates back to 1620’s and is one of the earliest that is found in St John’s Co-Cathedral though the the altar […]

chapel of the langue of italy

Chapel of the langue of Italy

The chapel of the langue of Italy Was jointly dedicated to the ‘Immaculate conception’ and ‘St Catherine of Alexandria’, the patron saint of the Italian Knights. The old titular paintings have been replaced by Mattia Preti’s alterpiece ‘The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine’ executed c.1670. The two lunettes, executed by an anonymous hand, represents scenes […]