Is one of the most popular fishing village in Malta. Marsaxlokk is located in the south-east of the island, about 20 minutes drive from Valletta, the capital city of Malta and close to major historical sites like Traxien temples, the Hypogeum, Ghar Dalam cave and Vittoriosa one of the Three cities. The name Marsaxlokk derives from antiquity, ‘marsa’ in arabic means a port whilst ‘xlokk’ in maltese means south-east.

Archaeological remains at marsaxlokk shows that the village was very important throughout the centuries. Up on a hill, an area called Tas-Silg, excavations shows that it was used as a temple site by successive cultures. The Temple builders, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and the Byzantine built their own temple on the same site. From this site a commanding view of Marsaxlokk and Marsaskala bay can be enjoyed. Goddesses of Ashtarte, Tanit and Juno were all venerated in this important temple.

The population of Marsaxlokk is not more than 4000 inhabitants and in the past most of them worked as fisherman. Today still a good percentage work in this trade. Whilst strolling along the waterfront, one could not miss the typical Maltese fishing boats, better known as ‘luzzu’. These wooden ‘luzzu’ are richly coloured and provide a spectacular scene of the bay.

Marsaxlokk is popular, both with tourists and locals for the Sunday fish market, most probably one of the most popular markets were fisherman and their wives sell their fresh fish from various stalls. Along the waterfront various restaurants specialize in fresh fish menus. A spaghetti ‘rizzi’ (sea urchins),  ‘aljotta’ a local fish soup and catch of the day are a must for sea food lovers.

The parish church of Marsaxlokk, situated in the main square, is dedicated to the ‘Madonna of Pompei’. The church was built towards the end of the 19th century, commissioned by Marchesa Rosalia Apap Viani Testaferrata, after she vowed to built the church after surviving from a storm.

Marsaxlokk has a small rocky beach called St Peter’s pool. It’s only 15 minutes walk from the front and is excellent for snorkeling, swimming and cliff jumping in the natural pool.


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