Blue grotto

Blue grotto

Is situated on the southern side of Malta, on the outskirts of the village of Zurrieq. It’s only 20 minutes drive from Valletta, the capital city, 5 minutes away from Hagar Qim Temples and 15 minutes drive from Mdina, the old capital city. The Blue grotto it’s one of seven caves that are situated in the surroundings cliffs. The caverns are themselves a unique limestone formation with stunning views of water, flora and fauna.

From a cliff edged terrace, accessible from the main road, before driving down to Wied iz-Zurrieq, a panoramic view of the blue grotto can be enjoyed. It features a 30 meter arch, better known locally as ‘il Hnejja’ and a cave that proceeds inside the cliff for approximately 40 meters. The arch and the blue grotto are the result of the local globigerina limestone which tends to erode from continuous battering of waves. The blue grotto is popular for its own crystal clear blue seas, especially in the morning hours when the sun lights are directed towards the caves.

The limestone of the cave is the result of fossil deposits, because the Maltese islands originated in the seabed millions of years ago. Around the caves, layers of coralline limestone on top the globigerina can also be observed.

The blue grotto can be reached by boat from the small sea side town of Wied iz-Zurrieq. It’s a 20 minute boat ride on a typical boat called ‘frejgatina’. Boat tours weather permitting.


The caverns offer a superb view of ‘Filfa’, a small uninhabited island which is home to endemic species, such as the Maltese wall lizard (Podarcis Filfolensis). The only structure that was built on Filfla was a chapel inside a cave built in the mid 14th century which collapsed by an earthquake in 1856.

The surrounding seas of the blue grotto are extremely popular with the diving community. Thousands of local and foreign divers visit the Maltese islands to explore our seas and the blue grotto it’s one of the highlight dives on the islands. A shipwreck between the coast of Wied iz-Zurrieq and Filfla was scattered and it lies on a sandy beach at 32 meters and it’s already home to many fishes.