Game of Thrones scenes Malta

Game of Thrones scenes Malta

Game of Thrones is perhaps the most popular series produced in the past 10 years. During its first season Malta, together with Northern Ireland, was chosen as filming location for this fantastical story. Below is a list of the popular Game of Thrones scenes Malta:

Khal Drogo's wedding - game of thrones malta

Azure window – Gozo

Azure Window, Gozo – This scenic location was chosen as background for the wedding of Daenerys and Khol Drogo’s wedding, it is also the location chosen for the consummation of the wedding. Unfortunately the natural arch can no longer be seen as it gave way during a storm in 2017.

Great Sept of Baelor - game of thrones malta locations

Fort Manoel – Manoel island

Fort Manoel, Manoel Island – This fort is transformed into the Great Sept of Baelor and acts as the location where Joffrey has Ned Stark decapitated in front of his daughters Sansa and Arya Stark’s gaze in the first truly unexpected death of the series.

Red Keep garden - game of thrones malta locations

St Dominic’s convent Rabat

St Dominic Convent, Rabat – The yard in the convent is transformed into the Red Keep and is the location where Ned Stark informs Cersei that he’s aware of the paternity of her children and that unless she left King’s landing together with her children he would reveal her secret.

King's gate - game of thrones locations

Fort Ricaoli – Kalkara

Fort Ricasoli, Kalkara – The gates are dressed up as the King’s Gates and feature when King Robert returns to the city and also in another episode where Arya Stark is trying to get access back to the city.

King's landing - game of thrones malta locations

Mdina Gate – Mdina

Mdina Gate, Mdina – Mdina gate in the series portrays the gate leading to King’s Landing. During the series Catelyn Stark and Sir Roderick are seen going through on their way to the city to investigate Bran’s accident. It is also the location of Catelyn and Ned’s last scene together.

Illyrio's mansion - game of thrones malta locations

Verdala castle – Buskett

Verdala Palace, Buskett Gardens – The palace and garden were used in the first episode of Game of Thrones as Illyrio Mopatis’ house, the place where we meet Daenerys and Viserys Targaryan as they are introduced to Khal Drogo.

Little finger's brothel - game of thrones malta film locatiions

Mesquite square – Mdina

Pjazza Mesquita, Mdina – Lord Baelish’s brothel is located in this quiet little square. Here Ned and Catelyn are reunited after she sneaks in the city with the plan of investigating Bran’s accident. It is also the location where the fight between Jamie Lannister and Ned’s men occurs, which ends with the Ned’s unfortunate capture and consecutive imprisonment.

Red Keep stables - game of thrones malta location

San Anton Palace – Attard

San Anton Palace and Gardens, Attard – This palace is used as part of the Red Keep and features a numbers of time in the series. Namely during the Starks’ arrival in the Red Keep, as the murder location of Stark attendants by Lannister soldiers, the location where Ned and Little Finger discuss the actions of the Hand which led to his death and where Ned’s head and Sansa’s septa on a spike are left exposed.

Red Keep dungeon - game of thrones film locations

Fort St Angelo – Vittoriosa

Fort St Angelo, Birgu – The Fort here masks as the Red Keep’s Dungeon. Arya is seen chasing after a cat in the underground passages where she accidentally hears a conversation between Illyrio and Varys. It is also the place where Ned Stark lived his last days before being decapitated by Joffrey.


Manikata – This village is cast as one of the villages of Essos, a country Drogo and his horsemen attack in order to enslave the villagers so as to sell them off for money to be able to buy ships.


Mtahleb Cliffs – This majestic cliffs act as the location for the settlement of the Dothrakis following the collapse of Khol Drogo. It also acts as background to the scene where Daenerys is seen walking into Drogo’s funeral pyre.


Unfortunately following season 1 the production of Games of Thrones left Malta, still these picturesque locations undoubtedly helped in cementing the huge popularity of this series and to bring to live these many times imagined backgrounds.

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