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Comino Is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese archipelago. Situated in the channel between the island of Malta and Gozo, Comino measures 3.5 kilometres squared with a permanent population of three people. Comino has been inhabited by farmers since the Roman times but the island has always been popular with pirates hiding or taking […]

mosta church dome

Mosta church

Mosta church Built between 1833 and 1860’s, Mosta church, or as commonly known as the Rotunda, dominates the whole skyline of the village of Mosta and beyond. Dedicated to the Assumption of Mary it was built in a neo-classical design of the Giorgio Grognet de Vasse’. It is replacing an earlier 17th century church built […]

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Gozo It’s the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago, locally known as ‘Ghawdex’ is only 14kms by 8kms with a population of 30,000 people. The topography of Gozo is quite different from Malta, it’s full of hills, with green valleys that leads to sandy and rocky beaches and sea side towns. Throughout the years […]

citadel gozo cittadella


Citadel The old capital city of Gozo, the citadel or the cittadella,as referred to it by the Gozitans,  is situated at the heart of the island, two hundred meters above sea level, on one of the hills of the island. The Citadel is a fortified city were the earliest remains dates bck to the Bronze […]

Ggantija temples megalithic temple gozo unesco

Ggantija temples

Ggantija temples Are situated in the village of Xghara, Gozo, Ggantija temples are listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site and dates back to 3600b.c. Ggantija temples are one of the earliest temples that were built in Malta during the Temple period (3600b.c – 2500b.c). They consist of two temples enclosed by a surrounding […]

fort st elmo valletta

Fort St Elmo

Fort St Elmo Situated on the tip of Valletta, Fort St Elmo defends the entrances of both harbours, Marsamxett and the Grand Harbour of Malta. Way back in the 15th century, watch towers were already built on the same strategic site were Fort St Elmo stands today.  When the Knight’s of St John took over […]

tarxien temples

Tarxien Temples

Tarxien Temples Consists of four attached megalithic temples built during the temple period between 3600b.c. and 2500b.c. Tarxien temples were re-used during the Bronze age period between 2000b.c. and 1500b.c. Tarxien temples were discovered by a farmer whilst ploughing the field in the early 20th century and excavated by Sir Temi Zammit. The first temple […]

grandmasters palace valletta

Grandmasters Palace

Grandmasters Palace Situated at the heart of Valletta, the capital city of Malta, the Grandmasters Palace is the largest palace in the city built by the Order of St John. In 1571, after Grandmaster Pierre del Monte relocated the Order in Valletta, he lived in a house were today stands the palace. In 1574, this […]

ghar dalam cave and museum

Ghar Dalam Cave

Situated in the valley of Birzebbuga, Ghar Dalam cave is a natural water-torn cave in the lower coralline limestone. It is only 10 minutes drive from Marsaxlokk fishing village and 10 minutes from Tarxien Temples. Ghar  Dalam cave is 144 meters deep of which only 70 meters is accessible to the public. Ghar Dalam cave […]

tarxien temple national museum of archaeology valletta

National Museum of Archaeology

National Museum of Archaeology is housed in the Auberge de Provence in republic street Valletta. Built in 1571 by local architect Gilormo Cassar, it used to house the Knights of St John which originated from Provence France. The barrel vaulted ceiling was richly decorated in the 17th century by an Italian artist called Nicolo Nasoni. […]