Mnajdra Temple

Mnajdra temple

Is situated ten minutes walk down the hill from Hagar Qim temple. Mnajdra temple is in an isolated position surrounded with garigue land facing the small uninhabited island ‘Filfla’. Built during the temple period (4000b.c. – 2500b.c.) it consists of three buildings facing a common forecourt. The three buildings were erected in different phases, the oldest one dates back to Ggantija phase (3600b.c. – 3200b.c.) whilst the south temple was built during the early Tarxien phase (3200b.c. – 2500b.c.) and the central one was built during the late Tarxien phase.

Facing the south temple one could not miss the monumental entrance built in coralline limestone, which leads to a set of facing apses. On both sides a porthole doorway leads to two small chambers. Opposite the main entrance another doorway leads to the innermost part of the Mnajdra temple, were another set of facing apses are found.  The doorway is flanked by two large blocks decorated with small drilled holes. This doorway and the edges of these are perfectly aligned with the summer and winter solstice and equinox.

During both equinoxes i.e. 21st March and 21st September, at sunrise, the sun is directed through the main entrance and it shafts right through the inner chambers. During winter solstice the sun penetrates through the main entrance diagonally and is directed to the edge of the right slab, whilst during summer solstice it is directed to the edge of the left slab, definitely, a 5000 year old huge engineering achievement .

The middle temple has got an unusual entrance having two doorways which they lead to two facing apses. On one of slabs which flank the middle doorway there’s engraved a facade of a temple, which shows that the megalithic temples of Malta were much higher than they are today.

In the east temple a modern reconstruction of a rubble wall of the apses was done in the early 20th century. On the edge of one of the slabs of the inner doorway it retains linear holes which are still being interpreted as a calendar of different stars constellation.

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