South of Malta Tour

Tour Duration: 4hrs or customised

South of Malta Tour

During the South of Malta Tour we give our visitors the opportunity to see the natural side of the Southern part of the island which is largely undeveloped and unspoilt. This part of the island is well known for the prehistoric temples, and other historical remains, together with an array of authentic Maltese towns, rural villages and natural caves such as the beautiful blue grotto.

Blue Grotto

You may board your boat and travel along the rocky coastline to the massive arch which marks the entrance to the Blue Grotto. Here you will see six caves carved by years of relentless pounding by the sea, of which the Blue Grotto is the largest and most impressive.

You may also visit the prehistoric temples of Malta which are unique in all the world. They are the oldest standing stone structures which remain to us from ancient times. They are older than Stonehenge and older than the Pyramids. Because of their uniqueness and beauty, these temples are deservedly designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Afterwards, enjoy some free time to explore the marketplace at the typical fishing village of Marsaxlokk or drive to the beautiful ‘Ghar Lapsi’ bay for swimming (Summer only).

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples are a UNESCO World Heritage site situated inside in an archaeological park. They are considered as one of the oldest free standing monuments in the world and the most architecturally complex on the maltese islands. These temples are 3600b.c. and one can still feel a strong presence of the past, being that it’s still surrounded with countryside like it was originally in the prehistory.

Mnajdra Temples

Mnajdra Temples are perfectly aligned with the summer solstice, winter solstice, the spring equinox and autumn equinox. One can still see this phenomena happening today on the respective days.

Our suggested itinerary for the south of Malta Tour includes a visit to:

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